Fighting: Taped a new DVD series from our seminar series this last weekend. Got popped in the nose the week before, so that bruise will hopefully give me a little creditability. I’ll talk more about the series soon, as we’ll be editing it over the next several weeks.

Family: Because I was away taping the new DVD series all weekend, I didn’t get a chance to spend tons of time with the kids this weekend… other than Friday night. Another reminder that you have to be so intentional in making sure kids/family/loved ones are getting their needs met, with just wanting to spend time with good ‘ol dad.

Faith: Once again, because of taping the DVDs, I couldn’t attend church this last weekend, so I put some good time in doing other things to keep my eyes on God. The main thing was brining along CD’s of favorite sermons I’ve heard in the past and present churches I’ve belonged to. Remember, online sermons are becoming more common these days… worse case, do a Youtube search for one of my favorite pastors: John Ortberg.