This may be controversial, but I’ll write it any way. I joke with my wife and others, because it takes me no time to fall asleep at night. My head hits the pillow, I say my prayers and I am out. My wife often complains with a smile, because many times it takes her much longer. She can’t understand how I can fall asleep so quickly. Naps are the same way, anytime during the day. Because I work between 12-14 each day, I usually take a quick 20-30 minute nap right in the middle of my day. Give me 60 seconds, and I’m snoozing.

When I joke with others, I explain my secrets is having no regrets. No regrets about what I say, do, or even react. Obviously that is horribly selfish and prideful of myself, and is not 100% true. I do use the “no regrets” when facing a tough challenge, especially if I feel fearful of doing something which can help me grow. I have figured out that at the end of my life, I’ll feel much more regretful of what I don’t do, as opposed of the things I do say or take action on… especially if I have the right purpose of doing it.

The truth is that we all have regrets, no matter how many times we tell ourselves to live in the now. The one regret which haunts me at times is that I’ve had opportunities to share my faith with others, and have either wimped out or completely been tied up with other less important things. As a result, I believe God will move those people out of your life, he’ll literally have them leave you, if you’re not helping them find a better relationship with Him.

I’ve blown this chance too many times to count. There was times in my life, where I lived in my own bubble as a kid, and kind of thought everyone knew God. That is excusable. However, there has also been many other times where I knew someone was hurting, and I had something which could have made them feel better. Because of fear of rejection, or even slight uncomfortability, I’ve changed the subject or have frozen up and said nothing. What I waste.

Consequently, most of these people have moved out of my life. Sometimes it was someone I only had 5-10 minutes with, but other times, I’ve had 5-10 years with or even more. Some I met through work, others through family, and still others through miscellaneous situations all by random. Some were friends, others were martial arts students, and still others worked for me in one form or another. Because I didn’t try to start up a conversation, I believe they are no longer in my life. In a way, I think they are gone, because God needed them to hear the good news… and if it wasn’t through me, He had to find someone else who could step up to the plate.