Some years back I heard this saying, “God doesn’t have grandchildren”, and it caught my attention. I think it is a common picture of God to see Him as an old man, with the big flowing white beard. How can a man that old not have grandchildren? In all seriousness, the person I heard it from was trying to make another point.

Some of us were raised in households where God wasn’t talked about at all. In some houses, God is criticized frequently, and in some cases the God who gave Jesus to die for your sins is replaced by a God from another religion. However, in many homes, God was the center of the family. It went beyond going to church every Sunday, starting each meal off with a prayer or even family bible studies outside of reading the Christmas story on December 24th.

Some people saw their parents with a tight relationship to God, and lived a humble God honoring life. And for some of those people, their children thought that because their parents believed in God, they would just be “grandfathered” into heaven. Unfortunately, they have to realize that God has no grandchildren. You don’t get the free gift of eternal life by simply being born into a God honoring family. Each person has to believe and follow God’s word individually. We can only inherit the Kingdom of God from God Himself.

Therefore, don’t ever use the excuse of you were not raised in a Christian household. Although role models are very important, a child who was raised in a Christian household has to accept God, just as the person who was raised in a home where God was never talked about. God only has children, and you can become one right now if you already are not.