Maybe it was a special occasion I wanted to tell someone how proud of them I was, or simply tell someone I am there for them if they need someone to talk to.  I remember, a man I knew who lost his wife to aggressive cancer, and ended up giving the ugly at his wife’s funeral thirty days after she passed.  He was incredibly strong for his three daughters, and truly was a strong yet vunerable person his wife would have been proud of.  His speech really touched me, and I wanted to send him a note telling him how powerful his strength was… But I didn’t, followed by several lame excuses.

I have a memory another woman I knew who was letting her stress get the best of her, and making her miss out on so much of life, not to mention what it was doing to her health.  I was motivated to talk to her about it, and even wrote most of the email I wanted to open up the conversation about.  But, “things” got in the way, and I didn’t send it to her, and didn’t talk to her about it.

The scary thing is that there has been times I’ve followed through and didn’t chicken out or procrastinate.  I wrote a letter and had a conversation with one of my best friends who wasn’t treating me or others very nicely.  He ended up coming clean and saying he was sorry.  There have been many times I wanted to skip a workout or workday and didn’t because I know I needed to follow through on a goal or project, and ended up finishing what needed to get done.

So many times we see “risk” as the downside, or something negative, which it is.  However, my goal is to start seeing the risk of not doing something.  If the only risk I have for not connecting with someone who really needs compassion, is “risking” how I think they may percieve it, is that really risk?  If I sacrifice a little extra rest time to get something done I’ve procrastinated on, whether it be a workout or a project, am I really “risking” anything negative?

My point is that I’ve learned that I usually regret more the things I don’t do, than those I do.  My procrastination and fear are convinent “reasons”, which end up being vampires that suck the passion, lessons and excitement out of life.  I’ve found that when I take the step, take action or follow through, my experience is so much more rich and worth it compared to doing nothing.  Yes, there is usually a price to taking action, but it is small in comparision in the cost of doing nothing. (To be continue next week)