Fighting:  I’ve been asked to rewrite a program for a Federal Law Enforcement Agency, and have been working on that literally almost everyday for the last month or so.  The project is fairly focused, as there are strict guidelines and needs for this organization.  It has really pushed me as a practitioner and instructor, because I’ve really had to focus on what I know, what is the best I can teach this group and how exactly do I organize it to meet their needs.

I’ve had the blessing of working with several military and law enforcement groups now, and I’ll tell you one thing… You better know your stuff, and know it well.  I’ve had to refine some of our training drills to fit the time limitations and wants of this organization.  It is easy to simply “say” here is what I think, so this is what I think you should do.  I don’t work that way.  Using Bruce Lee as the standard, I know that I must take it back to the mat and train and test the strategies and tactics they’ll be learning.

I was reminded of the seriousness of this organization, as I’ve been watching a certain “documentary” show which has highlighted this organization over and over again… and their need for these tactics were caught on camera more than once.  It not only motivated me, but reminded me that this is the real deal.  I’m not teaching an office manager who “might” get into a scuffle sometime in his life.  These agents are facing violence on a regular basis, and the techniques, drills and tactics I teach them better work.  Therefore, I’ve been training in my schools before and after classes, including early 6am time slots in my garage testing and perfecting this program.

Family:  It was my birthday this last Friday, and these days always have a way of having you review your life.  Eight years ago I stood at my grandfather’s grave telling him that I’d do the best I could in life to honor his.  Five years later on the same day I stood in the exact same spot.  Those five years presented some hard business challenges, and also included the challenge of me becoming a father for my two new sons.

Expanding business plus expanding family had my head spinning on that second gravesite visit.  I remember being disappointed that I didn’t have more to “show” for my business hard work and sacrifices… along with my wife’s sacrifices.  All I remember doing was taking out a picture of my two sons, setting down at the base of his headstone and saying that was the best I can do.

I went away from the cemetery that day with a reframed mind of what was really important, and what I do everything for.  As a mantra in my life, I’ve always said that I do everything for Jack and Max, and do them because of Stephanie.  “For and Because.”  Every failure I’ve had is for them to learn from, and every success I’ve had is because of Stephanie.  I think my grandfather would think that is plenty.

Faith:  Yep… B days also have you talking to God a bit more.  This New Year presents a new year of my life too, in the first week of 2012.  I texted a friend today that God closed out this last year of my life and 2011 by definitely opening some doors, while closing others, brining people into my life, while quickly exiting others.  I told him that I believe God has some trust lessons to teach me this year.  And I can’t wait to share them here with you.  Thanks for reading.