Fighting: Here is the entry (on my martial arts school blog) to the lead up to my diet and fitness plan, as I always get asked what I do…


I hate New Years Resolutions.

I make most of my yearly goals in September to escape the habit most do… Make a New Year’s Resolution, and then check back in with it 365 days later, realizing they haven’t done a thing with it.

With that being said, I’m making most of my goals in 90 day increments now… which after Sept, lands me right around this time. I will tell you about one thing I’m doing a bit different starting tomorrow, and then I’ll get into the details during the next entry in about a week or two.

1. Stephanie (my lovely wife) and I are cutting out all restaurant food for the month of January. If you know anything about Steph, she is a penny pincher. We live in a fairly small home, have boring and non-expensive wardrobes and save religiously for any big ticket items as a credit card balance is a sin in my home. My car is paid off, our sons are mostly clothed by cousin hand me downs… but we eat out well on the weekends.

We do have family dinners every weekday at the dining room table, but we spend money on restaurants from sun up to sun down over the weekends. When we vacation, we plan on restaurant tour like we’re planning to invade an enemy country. Therefore, we just went shopping yesterday for our first week’s attempt of eating every meal in house for the whole month of January. I’ll talk about that next entry too.

This is my first goal of a couple I’ll document here on this blog. I’ll cover my new workout program (martial arts, lifting, cardio) next entry… including the diet plan so you know exactly what I’m eating as Olive Garden, Panera and Pizza Ranch will have to find other sources of revenue this month.

Lee, Love and Life,

Sifu Matt

Family: I turned 39 yesterday. I looked at myself in the Skype reflection box when I was talking to my parents, and it dawned on me… I’m old.

Faith: So much to write about lately, in this area. If you remember (or read) back I did this 140 day challenge… I’ll try to write a follow up to it soon. Until then, remember that although we start with new goals and dreams around New Years, God starts anew with us every second with His amazing grace.