Fighting:  I’ve been working on this project for the government, and have been putting in a lot of time customizing the info and training the specific program.  I’m very thankful for the students who have came around me, and assisted me in critiquing the material.  We also took the photos for it this last Saturday, which is one of the last pieces of the pie before completion.  I’ll be training a “test” team on the info in a couple weeks, so we’ll know more when the rubber hits the road.

Family:  Sickness, and more sickness.  My oldest son has been fighting off strep for about three weeks, and they just put him on some more intense medicine.  It was my youngest son’s family birthday party yesterday, and my wife did an incredible job making it an “Angry Birds” themed party with tons of things she made from scratch.  Bravo!  I hate to quote a man who has had a public moral dip recently (fortunately, most of ours are not public), but he makes a good point.  Arnold Schwarzenegger (hmm, surprising, Word had Arnold’s last name in it’s dictionary), was interviewed about 10-15 years ago and said something to the fact of:  When you marry a woman, you never know what kind of mother you’re marrying.  He went on to say that he was happy with how his wife turned out to be a great mom.

Joking aside from the current events which recently trapped him in admitting he had a “love child” with one of their housekeepers, I can’t agree more.  This last weekend again proved to me that I was one of the lucky ones.  I knew Stephanie was going to be a great wife, but I really had no clue about what kind of mom she was going to be.  As it turned out, I got more than I wished for in the mom department.  My boys currently have no clue how much of a great wife and mom they have for a role model, which will help them find a great mix too.

Faith:  Woke up Sunday morning, with a sick kid (still) and Steph and I made a last minute decision to have them stay at home, while I rush off to church to serve as Pastor on call as I usually do.  Got hung up with a little tummy ache of my own which wasted another 5-10 minutes.  Hopped in my car and flew down the main road.  Five miles later I got pulled over for going speeding.  The fees are once again a testimant on how broke the state is (and how fast I was going).

I got to church grabbed the beeper I carry in case someone needs spiritual assistance, and instead of attending the service, met with the guy over me who has turned out to be a great friend.  For the next hour we sat in his office, and talked about everything from how our week is going to the impact our father’s have had on our parenting… Yeah, what a range.

I missed the message in church which I was bummed about, but after our hour talk I couldn’t help to think how important it is for all of us to have those in our lives which we can go from zero to sixty in our conversations, and talk about some major issues which are going on.  It is sooo important for guys to especially have another guy they can do this with.  Although it is imperative to have these talks with our wives or girlfriends, learning off of other men’s experiences are priceless.

Now, if I can just manage how fast my car can go from zero to sixty, I’ll be all right.