Fighting:  I’m not sure if you’ve ever had an experience, where the side you chose to be on turns out to really disappoint you.  Maybe an argument breaks out a work, and the side you chose to align yourself with ends up really not supporting your values.  Or, I’m sure many have had the experience I have had over the last five to ten years, where the political party we say is “ours”, really turns out to be much more like the party we’ve never liked.

I had that happen to me in my business this last week.  The side I’ve been loyal to for years, as in almost 20 years, turned out to really disappoint me in their actions.  Bummer.  I ended up feeling like an island.  I’ve been here before, unfortunately… but fortunately because I know this too shall pass.  It also roots me deeper into my faith and myself.  If you’ve made it anywhere “far” in business, you better know who you are.  If not, you’ll start believing who people say you are.

Family:  Stephanie had a girls weekend out this last weekend, and it gave me time to reconnect and spend some significant time with the boys.  I know a lot of men from my generation, and even those before, never got to spend time with their dads outside of sports.  With the rise of teen pregnancies, more violence and so many other social problems, I can’t help to think that not having a dad around doesn’t effect that in some way.  So a note to all dads… kick mom out of the house every once in a while.  Everyone wins.  Mom gets a well deserved break, you get to share valuable time with the kids and the kids get more of what they want… you.

Faith:  The message/sermon this last weekend spoke about 2012 being “the” year.  “How is God going to use you this year?”, my pastor taught.  I thought about this blog, and the other plans I have to really share what I’ve learned, and am still mostly learning.  I thought about how crazy God is by using these three things in my life:  Faith, Family and …. Fighting.  Just as I have learned off of other’s experiences and mistakes, I hope someone else can too.  Thanks again for reading.