I believe I wrote about this before, but I can be reminded about it again:

Most of us want to do good. We want to be better parents, better spouses, better workers… we want to eat more healthy, we want to be more organized, we want, we want, we want.

Those are our intentions. Its like a gift list we would hand Santa Clause.

The key is what direction are we headed. Are we on the right track, or are we just “wishing” for things. You have to look at your direction, not just intention. Your intention is a great place to start. It is hard getting to a certain vacation spot, if we don’t first desire to go somewhere, take time off, make reservations, etc.

However, if all we do is sit in the car, which is parked in our drive way, wishing we could be lying on a beach somewhere… well, let’s just say I hope your car seat is comfortable. The proof is what is our direction, dictated by our actions.

Have we mapped out the route to drive, packed out clothes, made reservations, and even put gas in the car? What good is having the intention to eat better, but not clear our refrigerator of the junk food which pulls us in late at night. We all want to spend more quality time with our kids, but have we scheduled it, and then planned activities which will focus on them. How about connecting with God? Most of us want answers, we want to feel that someone is out there, and listening to our need. So many times in chaotic eruptions that life throws at us, we end up throwing up our hands saying, “Oh, God, Why God, Why!”. Why could have been dealt with a long time ago, by understanding Him more, what your purpose is, and how to better overcome trials we all go through.

Do you have the intention of getting close to God, going to church, reading your Bible… or if you’re just starting out, finding a good Christian friend or co-workers to have a cup of coffee with? Or, are you just wishing God Himself will walk through that door? Are you just wishing you’ll understand God more without diving into His word, praying daily and finding resources to educate yourself?

I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, so I’m wishing… no, actually giving you a chance or direction to email me right now with any questions you have about getting closer to God. All you have to do is email me at matt @mattnumrich.com to ask me anything. Will I have all of the answers, absolutely not! But both of us should be able to figure it out 😉

Once you turn the intention of getting closer to God into actual steps which have you moving closer to God, I guarantee your life will change.