If you know your buddies will want to go to a strip club this weekend while you are out, preplan other activities to sway them to do different.  Even decide to have a back up plan if you get out voted with an excuse to leave early and the number of a taxi service to get you home.  Before you have a rageful blow up at your next work meeting, decide before hand how to keep yourself cool, and think about others’ feelings and perspectives.


The point is to decide now.  If you wait until you’re at a fork in the road, chances are you’ll take the more tempting way.  You’ll fall prey to what feels good in the moment, whether it be buying that new dress or flirting with that guy who is not your boyfriend.  By deciding now, you give yourself options, and a chance to think about the consequences.  If we don’t, we water down the consequences, and think we only have one way out, which is to give into the temptation.  We end up telling ourselves the age old excuse, “This is my last time…”.