Fighting: Not much to report… Train, work, train, work. Everything is rolling along well… but getting ready to start up a new intense weight lifting workout in a couple weeks, and make some big diet changes.

Family: We had my mom over for a night last weekend, as she got some Christmas shopping done with Stephanie and then offered to babysit the kids while Steph and I went out. Completely enjoyed having her over, teaching her to work her new iPad we got her for her b-day a couple weeks ago and making breakfast for her the next morning. I am a very lucky guy to have her as my mother.

Faith: As a “pastor on call” at my church, I’ve had some pretty intense conversations with people lately regarding challenges they are going through. I love helping people however I can, and it also gives me perspective that what I’m going through isn’t that bad.

Quickly! Want a way to keep on track with church even when you’re out of town or busy with work… or find a track to get on even if you’ve never gone to church? Many churches these days put their sermons online… just go to the churches website and check it out. Mine is … tons of resources there.