Fighting: I’ve taken a serious break from lifting weights the last 10-12 weeks, something I’m not sure I’ve ever done since starting in high school. I funneled all of my training time and energy to martial arts training and cardio work. I have about 4-5 weeks left on this schedule, until I throw lifting back in at the start of January. After fully assessing my results, I’ll also tell what cardio program I’ve been doing. If it is good, I want to pass on the word… if it isn’t, I’d rather not give them extra word of mouth.


Family: I’ve been a little too passive and critical with Stephanie lately, and when she reminded me for the 5th time within the same weekend I know I owed her a big apology. I could have argued with her, but I know it was true. With some major stresses lately, I know she was collateral damage. I said I’m sorry immediately, and said it again later that night. If you haven’t said sorry for something lately, you need to… you’re not that good all of the time. After that, we got back on track and enjoyed the rest of the weekend.


Faith: I wrote another post I’ll use later about how going to church keeps me on track. When I compared last month where I missed two weeks, and this part of the month when I’m back on track and have attended “religiously”, there are stark differences in my attitude and behavior. I don’t know if you used to go as a kid, but haven’t returned since, if you go every week, only go at Christmas, or have never stepped foot in a church – even for a wedding… I just wanted to share that it has changed my life for the better. My parents took me every Sunday as a kid, and I rarely stopped except for a college clubbing phase I went through where getting in at 3-4am was a norm (even that isn’t a good excuse as Saturday night services are a norm for most churches). Steph and I have made it part of our lives, and have taken our boys since they were born. As work pulls at family time, and vice versa, there are some weeks I’ve ditched time to time for a number of reasons (read excuses). As I am coming up to a weekend soon where I have to be out of town, I’d like to soon write about easy substitutes to keep you on track – or even help you start up a solid practice.