Fighting: Did some more serious sparring last week, and really thought the training I’ve been doing lately has paid off a bit. Not much more to report.

Family: Good family time this last weekend after being away for much of the weekend before. Plus, had a date night Saturday night where we went out with some friends for dinner, and then caught a movie just with Stephanie afterwards. Great overall weekend!

Faith: As noted lately, my physical (fighting) and family life have been chugging right along, but my business life has had a lot of stressful ups and downs (mostly downs) lately. Before this last weekend, I had to miss two weekends of church due to illness (partial laziness) and work. This last week I talked to Stephanie and just told her I’m frustrated, off balanced and irritable. I just didn’t feel like myself. Although there were many work stressors which contributed to it, there was also many bad choices I made on how I was going to act (and did).

Stephanie said that she feels that way too when we miss a couple weekends of church. When I’m in church it refuels me. I feel close to God, calm and reassured of His power in my life to always protect and love me. When I miss, may it be legit reasons or not, I feel run down and a little lost. After the service yesterday, my attitude bumped back up. It wasn’t a stellar sermon, nor did we sing any of my favorite songs. I just was reinvigorated and reminded of the importance of God in my life.


Will that make all of the pain go away in my life? Absolutely not. But it will take more pain away than you think. If you go to church, don’t miss out even when life stresses you out. If you’ve gone on and off, find a way to recommit for a short time to see if you feel a difference. If you do, great… if you don’t, feel free to search out another church which can better meet your needs. On the other hand if you use to go to church years or decades ago – or have never gone, I would encourage you to pop on in there this upcoming week. If you need a church to try, feel free to contact me… I don’t care if you live in Alabama, Singapore or Russia. I’ll help you find one.