I recently found myself yesterday starting and living through one of those days.  You know what I’m talking about, one of those days which gives you crap at every turn.  You try to do right, and get more crap.  You try to pick yourself, only to find more crap.  At lunch (which was horrible), you tell yourself the second part of the day will be better, only to find more crap.  You get a pick me up lecture from a loved one, only to get a phone call a minute later giving you more crap.  You get solace in thinking the night is almost here, and the day is almost over, and end up getting more crap… more than the what the previous 10-12 hours has brought.

You go to bed overwhelmed, exhausted and wanting to sell your belongings and become a monk somewhere in Mongolia.  Furthermore, you feel ungrateful in some way by watching only 30 minutes of international news, realizing you could be in worse places, truly trying to survive everything from natural disasters, political upheaval to real war and starvation.  It is the truth, but today you just made it through your little war.
You would love to say that tomorrow is a new day, and although it is, you’ll be dealing from the fall out you barely survived today.  Therefore, it is not the easiest to go to sleep, as your mind cycles through the phone calls you’ll have to make, overload of tasks you’ll need to get done and issues upon issues you don’t want to deal with.  Finally you fall asleep… and dream about more crap.
The fresh day dawns, and you get up to start your “new” day.  Now here is the kicker… and here is what will not only build your character, but define it. It comes down to two simple questions:  What will you think/feel and what will you do today?  As I sit here the morning after one of these “special” days, it comes down to what I will think and do right now. As I slowly mature, I realize more and more that it is not what happens to you, but how you respond to what happens to you.  Asking “why” only serves so many purposes before it sticks you in a deep dark pit with no light or latter to give you a glimpse of hope.
What you think and do right now is that light and latter you see.  What you think is the light to help you see where you are going, and what do is the latter which helps you move out of where you’re currently stuck.  Few people will stop you from staying in the deep dark pit.  These days will happen… and regardless of how aware you are, sometimes these pits swallow you up without a moments notice.  It is called life.
Seems harsh and cold, and sometimes life is… The stumbling and falling only builds muscles when we use them to pick ourselves up and climb out of those pits.  It comes down to who you want to be. One who stays in the pit, or climbs out of it.