When I look at all of the problems I’m facing in my life, whether it be in business, my health, my relationships, I’m amazed on how much stuff I have going on.  Obviously we all have times in our lives, where we experience the “when it rains it pours” phenomenon.  Not just one issue arises in our lives, but 3, 5, or 12 of them.

Now I believe that “problems” make us grow.  They stretch us outside of our comfort zone, so we can grow into a better human being.  Things we couldn’t think of handling even 5 or 10 years ago may even become common issues we tackle on a weekly basis.

But once again, there are those times when several of the experiences happen in our life all at once.  In addition to your car engine blowing up, you have an epic fight with your child and your boss is expecting you to put in 10 more hours per week for free.  Or, besides your school homework load being doubled this semester, your close grandmother just passed away and you haven’t been able to kick the flu for over a week.  On a more serious note, you may be going through a divorce, battling cancer and just got a notice that because you are 5 months late on your mortgage, the bank is starting to foreclose.

Whatever your problems are, they are overwhelming.  One is bad enough, but multiple ones have you breaking down and crying regularly wondering if things will ever get better.  Here is my point.   Whether it is one issue or ten, several spaced out over months or all of them happening at once, the problems are bigger than you are.

This is where I find solitude that there is someone bigger than any one given problem I’m having.  Bigger than all of them put together.  That person is God.  If you have Him in your life, Him who looks over you and Him who takes care of you… What can’t you handle.  It is similar to being a small fifth grader walking out on the playground after years of being bullied.  But instead of walking alone, you walk with a 6’8”, 345 lbs. bodyguard.

What do you have to fear?  What problem won’t you be able to handle with your new friend?

Believe it or not, God is more than a bodyguard, more than a friend even.  He is your personal Savior if you let him.  He makes the disease, job loss, divorce, and hundreds of smaller “speed bumps” we come up against every day be manageable.