Fighting: I’m working through a couple of nagging injuries, which are old injuries, but hurt non the less. I decided to take this week off from any training – even though I want to train everyday like a mad man. Listening to your body is tough. Your mind may say one thing, but your body may tell you another. I also go to Florida on a family vacation next week, and that will also give me another week to heal up. My plan this week to to stick with my cardio, go very light on lifting, and take a break on martial arts training.

Family: Not sure if I’m right here or not, but here is one of the ways on how I judge the fact that I think I have a great marriage. The kids went to sleep early (read: on time) last night, and left us with a big hunk of time. We finished up planning our week out quickly, and had time to burn. We ended up playing a couple games of “bags”, talking out on our deck, talking again when we came inside, talking all through the show we watched on TV, and stayed up in bed for over an hour talking some more.

It is not that we haven’t been spending time with each other, or we’ve missed each other for some other reason… we just genuinely love talking to each other. We didn’t talk about topics she focuses on for most of the week like kids, neither did I, as my topics mostly surround around business. We just talked about whatever. I pray that we never lose that.

Faith: Great ending to a series of sermons at church this last weekend. In short, it talked about how men need to “Man Up” in our society. I’m a guy, so I can say this, but I believe that men are the center of so many of today’s cultural problems: weakening of the family, drug epidemic, poor leadership of (insert whatever you want, country, business, etc.), one parent households, environmental issues, etc., etc.

Specifically as a man I have so many weaknesses. I pray that God strengthens me everyday to “Man Up” and become the man God has created me to be in the midst of temptation, challenge and even success.