Fighting, Family and Faith:  Here are the next two questions you can ask yourself daily (as I’m trying to do), in order to start your mornings off right… and why they are so important.

Question #3 (if you want to know the previous questions, please see the previous posts):  What memories am I going to create today?
We all look back on our lives and love our memories.  Things we cherish, whether they are people we meet or experiences we have.  This question doesn’t just prepare us for those, but expects that there will be some today.  It loads your mind to think and be on the look out for great opportunities which can be transformed into great memories.  I also found that it helps you be grateful for all of the little things, because you never know what might be a great memory.
Question #4:  What challenge am I going to overcome today?
I literally just asked this question of myself, and the answer put a smile on my face.  I have some pretty big obstacles in front of me, and I’m sure you do too.  How would it make you feel, knowing you were going to overcome them?  How would you like to “call them out”, and let them know they have no power over you?  This question can do that and more.  Ask it with passion and with the attitude that you WILL overcome it today.