Fighting, Family and Faith: I wrote the last couple posts before I left for vacation, and am writing this actually on the morning of 7/24… in order to stay consistent with my Monday/Thursday postings.

I’ll talk more about how the last week went with vacation later, but want to quickly address the horrible situation which happen in Colorado while I was gone. Being a self-defense instructor I’m asked many times, when crazy stuff like this happens, “What would you do?” in that kind of scenario. I would love to have some Jason Borne type answer, where in 10 seconds I would construct a weapon out of my belt buckle, popcorn bucket and stuffing from a theater chair… but I don’t.

Regardless of our training, sometimes we are put into situations with no good answer. I was listening to a radio talk show a couple days after the incident and the host was talking about what macho steps he would take to disarm the shooter. First of all, I find that highly disrespectful. Secondly, I find that very unrealistic.

In the moment your brain takes so long to figure out what is going on, the situation is almost over. Now throw in the darkness, loudness of the movie, tear gas (which you might have thought was a movie/Hollywood prank), panic of the crowd, and sheer positioning where you are sitting like raised targets for someone with a very sophisticated gun (and plenty of ammo).

My only answer is having faith in God, something I talk about frequently on this blog. I’m sure I’ll talk more about this later as the country tries to deal with this horrific experience. I’ve dedicated my life to martial arts and self-defense, but I would be at a loss if I didn’t simply testify that God is your best defense in life for crazy situations like this, but more importantly the everyday challenges we face.