Fighting, Family, and Faith: Wow! Another 3 for 1 post! 😉

Left for a family vacation last Friday (remember, this post was written a month ago, so I’m back!)… Need this time to unplug again from my 70+ hour work weeks, and non stop emails, phone calls and texting.

Here is a little cool thing I’ve found out… It seems like I’m most productive the week leading up to a leave, whether it be for business or personal. I read that in a book once, and I find it to be true. I’m not sure about you, but I get in such a “proactive” state, and dealing with problems which could happen, and planning way ahead. I wonder what would happen if we conduct our work weeks like that? What would be the most important things to do, and most proactive things to get done if we were to leave the next week with no contact with our co-workers/employees, no phones, no texting, no emails, and no internet?

Make a list of what “time wasters” you do, and what are high impact/proactive tasks which have a lot of leverage. This is a huge step towards being more successful and happy!