Fighting, Family, Faith:  A lot going on (especially wanted to tell you about the sex talk with Jack), but I had a friend suggest a book to me which is helping me refocus on what is important in life.  I’ve had quite a few hiccups over the last six months, which has thrown me off of my game.  I think God may have thrown this book into my life to help me refocus on what is important.

It has you answer 7 questions at the start of each day.  I’m not going to write down and answer all of them here right now, but I’ll at least get you going on the first one:  “Whose life am I going to brighten today?”.  Right off the bat it gets you off of the me, me, me mentality, and helps you focus on others.
I’ll be writing and answering these questions one by one over the next couple months… but I would also encourage you to do the same.  I’ve found that it is not so much the answers which are important in life, but the questions.  So here you go…
Whose life am I going to brighten today?  Being summer time, I get to see my wife and kids more than during the school year, so they are top on the list, but so are my staff and customers/students.  I can engage all of them with genuine questions about their lives, and even tease them a bit about their answers.  I’m hoping to convey the indirect message that “I care”… because I do!