Fighting:  This last weekend concluded my school’s testing for each of our students.  We call them “Evolutions”, as I wanted to get across the “evolving” process one goes through as they better themselves from one stage to the next in their development.  I was reminded on how we all need to hold ourselves accountable in getting to the next level.  The workout which all of my students put themselves through over the last week made them better.  They got to see what they were good at, and what they needed to work on.  I don’t care who you are, or what level you (think you) are at.  If you’re not being tested by someone on a regular schedule, with feedback, you’re missing out.

What do I do to test myself?  Wait till next week and I’ll explain.

Family:  Today is my 12th Wedding Aniversary with my wife Stephanie.  While out with some friends for dinner about a month ago, I said how much she is my hero.  Not sure if that took her back, but I wanted to remind her that she is. This last weekend we had a talk (read, small fight) about our little pet peeves with each other, and I have more than one which really bugs her.  One of these little annoyances I have (I read “gifts”) is that I’m a big picutre visionary, who likes to set out on big plans with little thought to the big obstacles which could stand in my way.

This sets her off, because she is the opposite, wanting to think out each step, and have assurance things won’t get too crazy.  I “cross that bridge when I get to it”, which isn’t always the best plan of attack.  I have chroic extreme self-confidence, and she sees it as either a turn on, or “occasional” flaw which can get us into big trouble.   As a fully certified man, I get confused sometimes in hopes that confidence will increase my chances in the bedroom that night, and instead I find myself sleeping on the couch.  In all seriousness (and back to my original point), she has had to put up with many of my lofty dreams, and patenent strategy of “Fire, Ready, Aim”.

She is my hero, because she really does just that… put up with me, the good, bad and ugly.  In hindsight, and now with foresight, she balances me out, and her biggest sacrifice many times has been her itching to tell me “see, I told you so”, but instead she rarely interferes with my dreams.  In my defense, I also believe that my risks have given us some experiences which although came close to bankruputing us sometimes, have also given us character, closeness and some really cool adventures.

After my grandmother died fairy suddenly, one of my greatest role models, my grandfather, calmed his daugher (my mother) by simply saying to her “Don’t be sad, we got to do it all”.  Whether we’ll get to “do it all” is still in progress, and we still have a lot of life to live.  All I know is I already “have it all” with the biggest blessing God has given me outside of eternal life, in the form of my best friend… and I’m so blessed to be able to call her my wife.

Faith:  Another good message this last weekend at church.  Reminded me that all of us has a story about our relationship with God, doesn’t matter if you believe in Him or not.  What is your story so far?