Fighting:  I’ll give you a break on the diet and training stuff this week… as I will post a full week of diet examples next week… promise.  The one tip I will give you, is something I learned years ago… ask yourself this question before any kind of food crosses your lips:  “Will this food cleanse or clog?”.  Water, cleanse.  Beer, clog.  Salad, cleanse.  Hamburger, clog.  What about Doritos?  Clog.  Carrots?  Cleanse.  Want to muck up your system, consume these:  donuts, soda pop and pizza.  Want to cleanse?  Eat these:  Beans, baked potato and almonds.  You have a choice everyday, every time you eat.  Your food can either prepare you for your days needs, protect you against sickness and energize you… or it can drag you down, lead to serious health concerns and even poorly role model for you kids.  Choose wisely.


Family/Faith:  I decided to pair these two topics together today, and relate them directly to the diet tips I gave you in the “fighting” part above.  If you want to truly challenge yourself, and build solid core character traits which will steer you from a lot of pain… Ask yourself, “Will this action/behavior/thought help me to become a better father/mother/person/child of God?”.  Super simple, but super challenging, as we all act and think in ways that don’t serve us, our purpose in life and honor God.  The challenge is can you stop those things that don’t serve the greater good, and focus on things that move us towards being a better person and contributor to society?