Fighting: I’m recovering from the Jeet Kune Do Summit which I hosted this last weekend. We invited five great instructors from the art which I’ve been practicing for years, and now teach through my martial arts schools. It was incredible having instrctors their from different generations. Finacially, I lost money, but I gained in every other way. So I guess I really didn’t loose anything.

Family: Nothing too important or out of the ordinary to report on the home front. We had parent-teacher conferences for the boys, and everything went well. Steph and I are recovery from one of those big fights, and they suck. As I stated in a previous post, when you are hurt your ears close. It is important to look at that from the other person’s perspective. You may even be appologizing, but if they still feel hurt, they can’t listen properly. Focus on the hurt first, and then everything after seems to move smoother.

Faith: Here is a question for you. How is the evil one using exhustion to take advantage of you? Wearing you down is a tool he uses for the “strong”. Don’t I know it right now. Ugh.