Fighting:  Completely a non coincidence, but I just got done writing about zigging and zagging, and had to do some yesterday.  Had a less than good diet weekend this last weekend, plus I’m nursing an injury I had last Wednesday.  So, I decided to do a 24 liquid fast, of just water and protein shakes.  I decided to stick with the protein fast, instead of an all out food fast because my body needed some major recovery from some serious training over the last couple weeks.

See it as either fasting to cleanse (using mainly water or green veggies) or fast to recover (using water and protein shakes), if you want to simplify how I look at things.  One quick note before I get into the details:  All protein shakes are not made equally.  I’m still looking for one to preach about, but for now, just make sure you read the back of the bottle.  I used two kinds yesterday.  One was more of a “recovery” formula, while the other was more of a meal replacement.

Whenever you fast, make sure you take in at least half of your body weight in ounces.  I consumed around 32 by 10am.  Other than that, I had protein shakes at 8am (recovery), 11:30am (recovery), 4pm (meal replacement, as I would not have another one for about six hours given my teaching schedule), and then at 10pm (recovery).

I thought I would be searching for my sniper rifle and a bell tower by lunch, but everything went smoothly, and I didn’t feel completely hungry until around 4:30pm (that was also around the time my family started getting ready for dinner).  When I did feel the need to hijack a pizza delivery car, I would just down more water.  By the end of my day, I wasn’t feeling that bad, even when I got home from teaching around 9:15pm.  I’ll talk more about this next week, as I have more to share.

Family:  Steph and I got into a little “tiff” this last weekend, and instead of fighting for a week, we decided to agree to disagree.  I ended up writing her a multi page letter explaining my position and feelings about the issue, and we spent most of Monday writing each other back and forth on email tackling each mini issue.  By the time she came home, all was well. Sometimes the best move is to step back, stop fighting, and collect your thoughts on paper.  We’ve done it for years, and it helps to tone down the knee jerk emotions, and stick to solutions.

Faith:  Still watching “The Bible” on the History channel.  What a project it must have been to put together!