Fighting: So I had this crazy dream of getting several instructors together who teach Jeet Kune Do (the art of Bruce Lee). I’ve had this dream for a couple years, and it will be realized this upcoming weekend. I would love to say that I have everything perfectly organized, paid for and ready to go… But I don’t. Plain and simple. Thank God I have very generous guest instructors coming in, a supportive staff, an understanding wife and a pretty cool God who brought us all together. Because some people who attended it will be reading this about a month later (all of my posts are posted a month later), I want to also thank those people. Coming up with the fee wasn’t an easy task, so I thank you for your trust, time and support!

Family: I swore I wasn’t going to get too personal I this blog, regarding my personal life, so I’ll try to stand by that statement. However, I’ll just say this: Hurt makes your ears close… If you can learn to open them, you end up hurting less.

Faith: Very blessed to be at a church where I get to hear life changing and inspiring messages every week. This last weekend stressed the distinction of being a fan or a follower of Jesus Christ. Christians many times talk a good game (just listen to any polotician for more than 5 minutes), but fall short on the follow through. I’ve been guilty of it on a regular basis. Many times I’m a fan of God, the good He is and does, but then don’t make the right decisions based on His pefect love. I don’t follow His lead, don’t listen to his prompting and many times prove that “common sense” isn’t so common.

I’m not sure where you personally are in your walk with God. Maybe you don’t think you’re walking with Him at all, or He doesn’t even want to walk with you. To those of you who think either of those things, let me just say He is much closer than you think, and He as been waiting your whole life to hear from you.

For those who say they are followers like myself, my message today is that you’d cut the “rah-rahing” a fan does, and do the walking like a true follower does. Follow His word, His message and mission. I’d challenge you to write down three ways you can follow Him better this week, and then actually do it. Walk away from the gossip, make the right over easy choice, focus on purity, let the truth drive your life, trust in God, help a stranger, love an enemy and sacrifice for the greater good. Fans talk smack all of the time… Followers actually lead.