Fighting:  Coming off of a weekend of horrible eating?  Did you hit back to back birthdays of some co-workers where pastries and desserts abounded in the break room?  Want to get back on tract AFTER the sinning?  😉

Easy.  Fast for one full day, making sure you drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water.  If you weight 200 pounds, that would be 100 ounces of H2O… as a minimum.  If you can’t cut that simple idea given your busy-hectic-super physical job, than have mixed vegetable soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  No crackers, no juice, no fruit, no-nothing.  Water and vegetable soup (optional).

Why?  After 2-3 days of falling off the wagon, it is important to do two things:  Get that high amount of garbage out of your system, and super re-hydrate.  Will you be hungry at breakfast drinking only water.  Yes.  Will you be “starving” by lunch, yes, so drink extra water and stay busy to keep your mind off of your favorite drive thru.  By 6pm, some people may actually agree to trade their car or children in for a hamburger or handful of chips… Hold on, don’t… hang in there, the day is almost over.  Guzzle another 16-32 ounces of water.

My advice is to make sure you have a planned day of stuff you need to get done.  Have you been putting off a report due next week, do it that day to keep your mind busy.  Need to clean your basement?  Block out 2-3 hours and get it done when you’re at home and might feel tempted to veg out and snack.  Schedule a walk with a dear friend you’ve lost touch with, have board games ready to play with the kids when they get home from school and do one activity you love (hobby, low energy outdoor activity, watching favorite movie of all time with your spouse… but do not grocery shop!).

The next day you might be tempted to have another bad day which got you into having to fast in the first place, but make sure you have a sensible menu planned, high in protein and very, very light on white carbs and sugars (if any at all).  Planning is the key you’re seeing again and again for a good reason.  Making your decisions in advance to escape temptation and flow from one part of your day to the next without getting stopped by micro managing your life (which if anything leads to wasting time) is your goal.

You don’t have to do this if you eat well six days of the week, and have one cheat day… this is done if you end up cheating for half of the week, or have a full vacation of cruise style buffets which overload your system with unhealthy food.  Remember, zig and zag.  Don’t throw in the towel if you fall off the wagon of a healthy lifestyle – outside of your designated cheat day.  If your cheat day is Saturday, which actually lasted till Monday, fast on Tuesday, and get back to your regular healthy schedule on Wednesday.  Simple, done.

Family/Faith:  I’ve spend quite a bit of time on the physical stuff lately, so I’ll dive into the other two parts of F3 next week, along with the posted weekly menu (found a way to do it!).