Fighting:  I’ll talk about the Zig and Zag today.  It was an idea which a mentor taught me a while ago with regards to balancing out your diet.  It is easy, simple and we can do it with our kids and ourselves when we think we’re going to have a tough diet day on a vacation weekend, friend’s party or upcoming holidays like Halloween or Christmas when we know we’re going to be eating poorly.

Zig and Zag relate to preparing and recovering from bad diet days… Not weeks, but days.  If you want something to recover from bad weeks, you might want to re-examine your diet and goals.  Eating well is a weekly commitment where we can’t afford to take regular weeks or months off.  I keep on using the word “diet” which I actually hate, but if you are serious of healthy changes, it has to be a change in lifestyle, or the way we eat regularly (i.e. our “diet”).

Back to Zigging and Zagging.  If you know you’re coming up to a weekend where sweets and fatty foods will abound, take Wednesday and Thursday to prepare yourself for Friday and Saturday’s temptations.  How?  Here is an idea:

Breakfasts:  Add more protein to account for the carb loading you’ll probably do.

Lunches:  Do not eat any fast food… Focus on a huge salad with little dressing.  Double up on veggies and fruit any way you can.

Double workouts:  Do a pre and post work – workout.  Not like triathlon cardio killing workout, but two workouts instead of your usual one.  Thirty minutes of walking in the morning, and 30 minutes of weight training at night.  Or, take a walk outside during your lunch break and DVR an aerobic workout show for later on that night.  Once again, the focus is not to double your workouts, but workout at two different times to increase metabolism.  During these workouts, drink twice as much water as you usually do.

Dinner:  Make 75% of your dinner veggies.  Small portion of (wheat) pasta or meat, with 3-4 sides of veggies.

This will help lessen the impact of the two “bad” days you’ll be pigging out.  Think of it as earning your two “cheat” days.  That to me is zigging… preplanning to lessen the setbacks two bad days can have on your results.  I’ll write about zagging next week… what to do after we have a bad couple days of eating.

Family:  Steph and I had a good weekend meeting about our parenting, and what we need to improve upon.  Not judging each other, but giving solid feedback on how we need to adjust our strategies as our kids grow and mature.  When they move out of a certain age, they need to move into a new parenting style many times.  For example, if you keep on treating your 8 year old like a toddler, they will act and mature like a toddler.

Faith:  You gotta check out what I’ll be writing next week on faith and sex.  We’ve had a good run of sermons at our church on this topic, and it is so important.  Very urgent of you’re single, married, parents, divorced, etc. (think that should be everyone).