Blah, blah, blah.


Never have the fact that you’ll have an excuse at the ready, in case you need to bail on a friend in need, a trip to the doctor or why this month is a horrible month to start living on a budget.  Expect an excuse to start to be formulated in your mind even before you can conscienously think of one.  Do everything in your power to get moving, saying yes and taking steps forward in your life.  I hate to say the Nike phrase of “Just Do It”, but that is what it comes down to… making it happen… ignoring the “rational reasons” (i.e. excuses) on why you can’t call that person you’ve been attracted to, find a church you can try out or stop gossiping with your girlfriends because you know it is so detrimental.


Excuses will never be in short supply, and if you use them too often, your health, wealth and quality of relationships will also be in short supply.  That is the price you are paying when you use the currency of excuses to run your life.  Don’t let it lead any area of your life to bankrupcy.