Fighting: The kids and Stephanie are back at school, seems like a good time to reignite my training. I started back slow over the last couple weeks, and starting tonight, I’ll kick it up a level. Here is my schedule:

Monday: Lift/Cardio/MA Training – Group

Tuesday: Lift/MA Training – Solo

Wednesday: Lift/Cardio/MA Training – Group

Thursday: Lift/MA Training – Solo

Friday: Lift/Cardio


This is a six week program… I’ll lay out the details next week.


Family: Jack starts 2nd grade today, and Max Kindergarten tomorrow. Wow, where does the time go? It’s been 8 years since Stephanie taught as a teacher… as she started back up again this year teaching 8th grade. As the house emptied out I looked down at my dog Bodhi, who is 12 years old which we got right after we go married, and thought back to the last time we were use to spending the day together at home. I would work in my cramped small home office all day, and she was a little puppy, with much more energy. Eight years later she is greying, we have two rambuncous boys, and I’m still working on the same martial arts schools from early in the morning (it’s 6am as I write this), till when classes start in the evening.


Life is a little more different now, as those 12 years have passed. Carpooling is now on my list of to do’s, and although I’m stronger, my body takes a bit longer to recover from my workouts. Bodhi has less energy, sleeps much more, but still manages to find the sun spots in the house to snooze even though she is now blind. When I saw her, and the house just contained us two, I looked down and said, “It is just us again”. I was amazed on how life changes, but somethings either stay the same, or come back to how they were. One day the boys will have grown up and moved out, Bodhi will have passed on, and Steph and I will be in the house alone. Who knows what we’ll be doing then, but something tells me I’ll be writing about it.


Faith: As the boys and now my wife head off to school, I pray that God teaches them what they need to learn, and I may support them however I must.