Fighting, Faith and Family:  This is my last 3 for 1 entry, as I’ll be going back to writing three parts to each weekly entry next week.  For today, there was a bonus question at the end of these questions I’ve been covering for the last month or so:  “What question am I not asking myself?”.

Our brain is the most powerful tool on the face of the earth.  Bigger, better and stronger than anything in nature or space… and you have one.  The question is, are you using it to its potential?  Are you, not just answering questions, but thinking of the questions you should be asking yourself?  Are you simply complaining, saying, “Why am I so fat?”.  Or, are you asking yourself, “How can I lose weight quickly, and in a healthy way which is fun?”.   See the difference?
Do you constantly ask yourself why you’re always broke, or could you think of a more empowering questions, such as:  “How can I realistically cut my costs, and increase my savings this week by doing something I haven’t thought of before?”.  Or, “How can I better control my spending, while having fun, and teaching my kids the value of a dollar?”.  What about this one, “How can I make or save $200 next month on wasteful expenses which I’ve overlooked?”.
I hope you get my point.  The quality of your questions will determine the quality of your answers.  If you keep on asking “Why am I so fat?”…. Your brain will come back with a low quality answer like, “Because you’re stupid and lazy”. Instead of asking, “Why do my boyfriends always treat me poorly and cheat on me?”, ask “Where could I find a man who shares my values, and treats me with the same love that I would give him?”.  … The second one sounds a bit more positive doesn’t it?  Couldn’t it fire back some better answer to get you moving the a better direction?  I think so.
Try it for a week.  Keep a question diary or journal, where you write down more empowering questions, and what answers come to you over that week. Perfect answers won’t arise overnight, but constant asking, thinking and asking again will giving you so many better options than you can imagine.