I’ve prayed just about every night of my life, dating back as early as I can remember.  It is a practice my mom started with me, praying a common prayer before I went to bed as a child.  I remember praying through elementary school, Jr. high, high school, college and beyond, every night.  Did I miss some… to be honest, just some. I’m not saying this so I receive an award, or “heaven” points, as only believing that Jesus Christ is your one and only Savior can do that.


I’m telling you this, because there have been dark times in my life where I didn’t want to pray.  There has been even times, I didn’t want to pray for forgiveness for a multitude of sins I was committing.  My only advice would be to pray what is on your mind. If your life feels like crap, or you’re angry at God for one reason or another, tell God about it in prayer.  I remember a time I sinned, knew I sinned and wasn’t sorry for it.  That night I prayed that He would forgive me for not even caring… not even wanting the free gift of forgiveness. (To be continued next week…)