(This is part 4/4 of “You Don’t Get Your Goals)

C.  Imerssion Overload!:  This is the trifecta of action!  These are three little tips you can combine to get maximum results:

1.  Take action with a friend, and make it a mini competition to take action, whether it is for a one time project or daily habit.  Tease each other, remind each other, help each other, encourage each other and ban together for an action alliance! (Ok, I’m officially losing control.)  Having a partner in everything from raising kids to working out, works better!

2.  Take a day or week out to focus soley on whatever needs to get done.  Sometimes projects take a while, and splitting things up over hours or days is not necessary when you could invest a half a day or whole week to knocking it off in one whole swoop!  I know it is not always possible, but wouldn’t you feel better, and go further if you could knock off that home improvement project in one day, or plan out the next ten years of your financial life in a weekend, or take a week out to really connect with your kids?  Just think about blocking off a bigger amount of time to get some massive work done.

3.  Get and then follow a mentor’s way.  Find someone else who did what you want, and follow their success plan.  Don’t recreate the wheel. Speaking from someone who did, on so many occasions, don’t make the same time wasting mistake.  Find out what successful people have done to lose 20 lbs. and keep it off, have a great marriage, start that new business, or build that killer deck and pool you’ve always wanted.  Write down their blueprint and follow it to the T, using them as resources if possible, for when unique obstacles show up (and they will).


Can you imagine if you get a friend, block serious time out and use the plan someone else has already crafted and fine tuned?  Get a jump on whatever you want to change, and accelerate your progress one hundred fold.    Want to surprise even yourself?  Use the points above to change your thoughts, and your actions for an all out assault on changing your professional or personal life’s “problems” which have been plauging you.

That is a new standard… a new way of living and a new life.  Not settling, not sitting back and blaming circumstances, the economy, your past, your family, or a series of bad experiences.  Some make change with using only one of the tips I wrote about, and some need several or all of them.  The cool thing is that you have what you need right now to plow forward, and change your standards in life.