Fighting:  Taking a break on this area, as I’ve wrote a lot about it over the last couple months.

Family:  First official day of spring break for my wife and kids.  Unfortunately it snowed last night… someone didn’t get the memo that we needed nice weather for the kids to be outside.

Faith:  Its been said, sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge.  Reaching out for goals and dreams is one thing, but overcoming the obstacles which stop your consistent effort is another battle.  We all have these hang ups and bad habits which sidetrack us from time to time, even when we’re moving full steam ahead.  Working hard to achieve our goal or make a change is sometimes tough enough, much less dealing with outside factors which mess up the inside of our brains and lives.  My only advice (which I have trouble following at times), is to burn the bridge behind you… make it extremely difficult if not impossible to go back.

Our minds are powerful tools which problem solve much better than we give them credit for.  When we really want something, our mind concocts different ways of thinking outside the box to get it… regardless if it is something “good” or “bad”.  I’ve been told that the word “decide” in its Latin root means to “cut off”, which relates to cutting off all other options once we decide our course of action.  So, cut off the bridge behind you, burn the boats which brought you to a new place, so you can’t return.  This could mean cutting up credit cards, delete phone numbers in your phone, moving away from the liquor store around the corner, locking out adult websites on your computer, settling a dispute at work even if you take a loss, or throwing out completely unhealthy foods in your house to make a fresh start.

My guess is that the light from that burning bridge will let you see farther than you have before and propel you further than you’ve ever gone.