Fighting:  7/30 days in for my 30 days of cardio.  Protein fast once a week, which will be tomorrow, as last week it was Monday.  It went well, and smooth, but need to find a way to ease back into things after a day of not eating solid foods.

 Family:  Last Week was Mother’s Day… and I’m so lucky to have a mom who is as great as she is, and a wife who is also the best mother I could have ever chosen for my boys.
Faith:  Per last week’s faith entry, I’m moving out of the anger phase slowly but surely.  The last couple weeks have been rough, and I’m curious where God is leading me.  I’m tired, and avoidant of my work this Monday morning, partly fearful of what “surprises” life has in store for me this week.  I prayed last night that God would give me the courage to face whatever is in my near future, and keep on pressing on.  If this is how you feel today, I’ll pray for you too!