Fighting: I’ve come to the realization that my wife is right when she says I have too many pokers in the fire. Thai Boxing Seminars, Doomsday Prepper seminars, classes ramping up, getting all of my staff on board, DVD launches/sales, my own training… I just want to take this time out to say how blessed I am to have the opportunity I do.

Family: Watching my boys train in martial arts, whether it be in class or at home makes me feel old, and very, very lucky.

Faith: I have to write more about this during a Thursday blog. But during the message in church this last weekend, the speaker said something that I wanted to scream to the world: There is a difference between something being “normal” and “common”. We many times excuse our sin for being “normal”. I learned that just because something is common, doesn’t mean it is normal. We all, including yours truly, needs to live at a higher standard and realize that just because our culture has made something “normal”, doesn’t make it right.