July 23, 2012

by admin on June 25, 2012

Fighting: Australia, Sweden, Germany, the UK, etc… Getting orders in from all across the world for the JKD DVDs (www.JKDSummitSeminars.com). Very blessed. Last week in this section I talked about projects, projects, projects, and this week it is about schools, schools, schools. There has been a bunch of quality improvements I’ve been wanting to make around the schools, and Steph and I had a long talk about them last night – making a very long list. I’ll talk more about this next week…

Family: Another great weekend with the family. Lots of rest, play and connecting. I can’t tell you how important this is for a busy person like myself… probably yourself too. I also wanted to say congrats to my wife who was hired for the 8th Grade Math teaching position at Rockford Christian. She has been a fulltime mommy for about eight years, and will continue to be so, but now she’ll be adding the role of teacher. Lots of changes coming around the bend, and I’ll write about how we’re balancing everything out.

Faith: Man Up! This is the title of a series of messages we’re in at church, and it revolves around the fact that men need to be men. I’ve often said that the majority of issues we face in society and our families is because of men. Lack of leadership, being passive, not stepping up have all become the norm for men, I hate to say. I truly believe where you find a strong man, you’ll find a strong community, organization, business and family.

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