Fighting:  28/30… yesterday was my 27th day of straight cardio and was also the first day I actually, truly forgot.  I laid in bed at 10:30pm and jumped up… “I forgot!”.  To make up for it I ran twice today, making sure I got in all my days.  Even with the best intentions, things do come up… the question is, how will you make up for them?

Family:  Today’s was Jack’s first day at football camp.  He walked to the field unsure of what to expect, or if anyone he knew was even going to be there.  Steph and I were so proud of him as he courageously ran out to his group, not looking back once.  We brought the story up to my mom, and she relayed a similar story she had with me… which I actually remember.  She said, there are those moments where you actually see your child grow up right before your eyes. Wow, that was one of them.
Faith:  God’s forgiveness supply will never run out… which should boggle the human mind.  We can’t understand it, but need it more than oxygen.