Fighting:  I printed out my calendar for the next six months of my martial arts businesses, and its seems like the next 90 days will be the most challenging and exciting three months I’ve had in a long time.  Programs starting at six locations, an instructor’s camp, the rewriting and testing of a Federal Law Enforcement program I’ve been asked to do, graduations, a new type of JKD class, and a big JKD seminar where some of the best instructors will all be becoming in to put on an incredible weekend seminar and “virtual seminar”.  Mix in the fact that I’m starting up one of the most intensive physical and training workouts… and I think I have my work cut out for me.


Family:  Yesterday was the last day of my nine day, much needed break.  Given my up coming schedule, I successfully only worked for about a 3 hour block of time during the Christmas break, where I checked my emails, made a couple phone calls and planned out the intense next 90 days.  Over the last 9 days I enjoyed time with my family, and truly did relax.  In a joint present, my parents and I bought my sons a babysitter, better known as a Wii.  It assisted in keeping my wife sane during this cold (yet unusually warm) Chicagoland December.  Taking a walk around my neighborhood with my kids and wife on December 26th, is something we’ll rarely be able to do… great memory.


Faith:  While praying last night, I asked God for two things.  First, I asked for massive opportunities over the next 90 days.  There is quite a bit of ink on my calendar over the next three months, and it will be busy, and therefore, stressful at times.  However, the second thing I wrote was that I don’t lose sight of the top priorities in my life:  Faith and Family.  I pray that my work will be God honoring, regardless of how crazy my schedule gets.  However, I also pray that I won’t let my “busy-ness” get in the way of giving my family the time they deserve.  I’ll write a post soon about the “Lombardi Legacy?”, as I pray I can learn from.