by admin on May 31, 2012

I would love to teach something today, but my post is more like a question. Here is a word I’ve always have had trouble with: Hope. Not because it is used by a popular politician, but because it is such a weak word to me. Hope… yuck.

Will you get over this economic hump? I hope…

Will you have a good day today? I hope…

Will you go to heaven? I hope…

It just seems so helpless. Then I think about those times I’ve been really down on my luck. Maybe you’re there right now. As Christians we many times pair the word “Hope” to a ship’s anchor. Now that is a symbol I can live with, and even connect to. However, in order to like the word Hope a bit more, maybe I should see Hope as that anchor… or what my Hope is grounded in.

If I anchor my Hope in my skills, my success or my ways, I find myself constantly faltering at some point. Sure, I might see a lot of achievement, but if my roots only go as deep as myself, they are weak. When I anchor myself in God, trust Him for my success I’m never disappointed.

I still don’t like the word Hope, but if I place it in anything, it is in God. If I see Hope as my active belief that God will take care of me, even if in the short term I get some pain, that is what I will do.

“Got Hope?” as a saw a bumper sticker say… I’d rather stick one on which says “Have Hope.”, with a period.

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