Fighting:  I’ve been re-writing this program for a federal government agency for about two months now, and it has been a challenge.  The good news is that I got a chance to write it from the ground up.  The bad news is that I had to write it from the ground up.  This project has had me re-examine the objectives in a violent attack, what a person’s priorities are and how to accomplish them in a very efficient way.  I’ve been very blessed by a group of my students who have volunteered their time in helping me train with this stuff, literally 4-5 days of the week.  As long as it doesn’t effect the confidentiality I have with this organization, I’ll share a couple tid bits here and there of what the program consists of.  You’ll hear more about this one.

Family:  I’m blessed, I’m blessed.  Had a chance to see one of the DJ’s I grew up listening to, who later became of a student of mine, and now friend, play at a club downtown Chicago.  His set was from 1-3am… yeah, AM.  My life and my body are not what they use to be.  My life, because I work quite a bit, and have the added responsibility of parenthood.  1-3am is one of the few times my body is actually resting.  Any earlier than 1am, or later than 3am is fair game for my mind to turn on and obsess about projects, or somehow gives the right for my children to get up and poop.

My body, because I was reminded once again, I can’t go out to clubs as I use to in my 20’s, come back at 3-4am, and somehow take part in my now “normal” life.  I was fine waking up in the morning on Sunday around 9am, but my body quickly said, “What the hell did you do last night!”, and slapped me down to a nap at 3pm, another at 5pm, and then to bed at 9pm.  Yeah, I’m a party animal.

I’ll talk more about this weekend during the next journal entry because I have an important topic I want to hit on.  Until then, I’ll try to get back to a regular sleeping schedule.

Faith:  Steph and I got to share some time away from the kids this last weekend, which allowed us to really share some things which are going on in our lives.  She asked about some personal issues, which she knows I’ve been struggling with.  The reason I’m putting this story under “Faith” is because everything always relates back to it.  Furthermore, when you can share that part of your life with the person who is most important to you, life is much, much easier.

Stephanie knows me better than anyone, other than God obviously.  So being able to connect those things:  The person who you love the most, God who knows you the best, and issues you’ve been wrestling with, tends to give you clarity unlike anything else.  I know that so many people yearn for that unedited type of transparency and conversation, but they don’t know where to start.  I don’t know exactly where you are at in your relationships or your walk with God.

I do know that God intends for you to have that “trifecta” between an important person in your life, important issues and the most important relationship you could ever have… with God.  The best way to start that is between a simple talk between you and God.  Tell Him about your issues, what is troubling you and keeping you up some nights.  Then ask Him to bring someone in to your life, who you can share these issues with… even if they are the ones you are sleeping next to each night.  Start there, talk and pray to God everyday, and you’ll be surprised where you end up in a month.  I’ll keep on praying for you too.