December 9, 2013

by admin on November 11, 2013

Fighting:  Added more martial arts workouts to my schedule, continuing to push through…
Family:  Rough week last week.  Put down my 14 year old dog on Wednesday, and my youngest son had surgery on Thursday.  Steph and I were kinda on edge with each other given the chaos…  At the end of being snippy with each other for about a week, we simply had to ask each other, “What can I do for you?”.  Things then got a whole lot better.
Faith:  God just wants you to follow Him today.  Tomorrow is tomorrow, and it will be here soon enough, but today is right now, and he wants you to follow Him to peace, love and His grace.  We’re never guaranteed tomorrow, so all you have is today.  Seek Him out just for today…

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