Fighting:  After 12 weeks of hard training I took off about a week.  I didn’t totally take it off, as I would suggest doing from time to time, but dropped about half of my workout tasks and dropped my intensity by about 50%.  My point is this, we all need breaks, but too many times those breaks lead to weeks and then months, if not years.  My advice is to schedule “do nothing” breaks which last for one or two weeks, maybe even four to six weeks if you have a big goal like running a marathon or if you’re compete professionally. These breaks should be done 1-3 times a year.  However, for the most part, schedule in mini breaks.  For example my week off consisted of time off over a holiday weekend where the temptation to be “naughty” with my diet goals or even distracted with other family or cultural things may be higher.
Therefore, starting the Wednesday before Thanksgiving I scheudled an easier kettlebell workout and a lighter martial arts workout.  Then I took off and did nothing from Thursday to Sunday.  Now, today, Monday (and also with Tuesday and Wednesday) I started back with my 50% workout load to get back into things (weight lifting, cardio and martial arts).  By this Thursday I’ll be hitting on all twelve cylinders.  My point is to schedule them so you have a goal date to work towards, and set times to rest and recoop.
Family:  Resetting my families time and rest with a nice four day break was very much needed for everyone in our family.  I am so blessed with the resources I have to do so!
Faith:  During my cardio workouts for the last couple weeks I’ve been watching this series… highly recommended: