The conveniences of drive thrus made getting fast food easier to get, and many times conveniences make it easier to do the wrong thing. The internet has made things very convenient, as we’ve already explained, but it has also made it convenient to to find, look at and watch things we shouldn’t such as porn. At face value it is easy to see porn in any form as harmless. Those who are above the age of 30 may have seen pictures in a magazine. As this same age group grew up in the era of VHS and cable TV, seeing “pornos” in movie fashion was the next step.

VHS turned to DVD, and accessing specific chapters and scenes became even easier. However, search any “adult” themed phrase on Google, and not only will you see a vast array of images, but can watch any kind of pornographic movie clip you want. If you have a thing for blondes, type it in, and you can see a beautiful blonde engaging in whatever sexual act you want by altering the searched phrase. In the days of only having magazines, you were limited by what the publisher put out. Cable channels also controlled what you could see, and although VHS/DVD movies could let the view and rewatch scenes, the web has brought it up to a new level.

Instead of watching one scene, or maybe two through conventional means, the internet can let anyone view dozens, even hundreds of explicit clips in one sitting. Remember, what makes this so unique is not just the sheer amount, but the specification to whatever the viewer wants. Searching for one term, usually leads to finding other niches they might be interested in, or might become interested in. A search for blondes performing a specific act, may lead to seeing two blondes in a threesome. As a result, “threesomes” of all types can now be accesses instantaneously.

As you can see this “hyper” stimulation and hyper immediate satisfaction can become just as addictive as the fast food we talked about earlier. However, here is the one thing internet porn has over McDonald’s… it is free and you don’t even have to leave the confines of your home. Imagine how much more fast food would be consumed by high school boys if it was free and delivered instantaneously to them wherever they were sitting? That is what internet porn has done to sexual consumption for young (and old) men these days.

The repercussions of watching numerous porn clips over and over again is beyond your imagination. Because high speed internet porn is still fairly new, we are now just seeing the results of boys (and men) who are addicted to it. Instead of writing on these, the best resource I found in explaining the consequences of porn use is The site is a treasure-trove of information on what it does to a young man’s brain, and how it is now leading to unequipped boys searching for proper and God focused relationships. It effects way more than you think, and this site does an incredible job on explaining complex physiological reactions in simple terms. If you are watching internet porn, or have a child who is, this site does a great job on explaining the “reboot” and how to get back on track.

Next week, we’ll talk about money, money, money. Hope you’ll join me.