Sevilla, Spain

I haven’t written on this thing in about 14 months. Not sure what happened to me the last year-plus, but I’m sitting here in my apartment in Spain, and just realized that I’m here. You see, writing for me makes me hold myself accountable. Maybe for some reason I haven’t wanted to hold myself accountable for the last year? Who knows.

I’m re-reading a book I read about 3 or 4 years ago. It might have been the start this crazy dream I had. I wanted to move overseas for an extended amount of time. Why? I saw it as exciting. Why else would I be driven to sell my business, house, cars and give away about 75% of my stuff?

Any way, I just had to write that I’m here. After almost three years of saving, planning and selling tons of stuff I’ve reached my goal. Now what? Well, I’ll write about how the last couple years of this journey went, and what I have planned for the next journey of my life.

It feels good that I’m here, and that I’ve reached my goal. But, it is true that the journey is 100x more rewarding than the goal itself. I’ll dive deeper in the next post, and hopefully ask some questions which can help you, while also sharing some questions which are currently helping me. That’s right… I’ll share the questions. If you have the right questions, the answers will come… and getting to the answers is the journey.

Life and Love,