Fighting: Back at it this week. I’ve taken the last two weeks off of any serious training, and it feels like forever. Same thing with my diet. What does two weeks off of no diet limits, no cardio, no lifting and no training of any type make you feel like? A fat slob. I wouldn’t go as far as a fat unfit weak slob who can get beat up by a 55 lbs. girl scout… just a fat slob. I say this because although I talk a lot about physical training here, I feel you need a break from it from time to time. Depending on your intensity, sometimes a month or so. However, taking a long break from especially paying attention to your diet can really bite you in the butt.

How am I getting back on track diet wise? Heavy dose of water every morning, shot of my green drink with is a concentrate mixture of grasses, 4 fruits/vegetables a day and only one half portion of sweets per day. Training wise for me is easy. Hitting the gym in about 2 hours to ease back into lifting and cardio… and hitting the ground tonight for a little BJJ. I’ll fill you in on the details here later.

Family: Florida was good for the family, as we not only spent some great time with each other, but got to see Stephanie’s grandparents. After seeing them, we went down to a place my grandfather bought when I was only 3, so I’ve been visiting there for over 35 years. What a blessing to now have my children sleeping and playing in the same places I did when I was there age.

Faith: While working at my crazy pace I feel like temptation doesn’t bother me as much with my life challenges. When I take a break, I feel it gives my thoughts time to wonder to places they shouldn’t, and I end of doing behaviors I usually don’t do. This is one of my cycles I’ve realized as I’ve been getting better and taking time off for myself. I’ll talk more about this next week.