Fighting:  First week back.  Here is the deal, I missed teaching, and getting back into that was no big deal.  Getting back into the business end, different story.  I remember this happening from the other international trips I went on.  I get back, and it takes me a solid week to get back into the swing of things.  Ugh.  I started back up serious training today, and it helped me get back on track with the office work.  More blood flowing?  Who knows.  I’ll write out my workout plan for you next weekend.

Family:  Not much to report on this front.  I could make up some stuff, but I’m guessing you wouldn’t apprecaite that, unless I make it pretty crazy.  So… My oldest son Jack highjacked a UPS truck, and drove it off the Grand Canyon… Ok, I’ll stop.

Faith:  Started back at church yesterday assisting in the “direct care/pastoral assistance” ministry, by talking to people after the service about specific issues in their life.  Felt good to serve.  Felt good to be back in church.  Workin’ through some personal stuff, might even call it a storm, which was also used as the visual by our pastor for the message.  I also started listening to one of the best Christian books I’ve read, “The Me You Want To Be”, by John Ortberg, one of my old pastors.  Here is the one thing I want to pass on, there is a “me” that we all want to be.  It is the “me” that God built you to be, and why He put you on this earth.  What is preventing you from being that “me”, that you really want to be?  Have fun being in deep thought.