Fighting: Testing yourself. Everyone must do it. What do I do? I find the best. I define “the best”, as not necessarily the best in world. That is tough to do… at least consistantly. I find the best through two ways. First, I find the best I have access through my student base. For example, I needed to up my ground game recently, so I found my best ground student, and make sure I roll with him every week. Being in, and a JKD instructor tests you because you are not just responsabible for one area of combat, but in several. Five to be specific: Kick Boxing, Close Quarters, Ground Fighting, Weapons and Mass Attack. I could probably even divide these areas up more, such as in weapons there are edged, impact and projectile. Or, there are drills, sparring, etc.


However, for simplicity, I keep it with those five areas. So, whoever you have around you, find the best. The best you have access to. Is my student who is great at grond fighting the best in the nation? No. Best in the state? Nope. But he is the best I have access to, on a regular basis. So every week we roll. I test myself through him. If I roll with him one day but I am not ready, he will tap me again and again. I can’t take a break with him, can’t take him for granted, and can’t come in with 50% of anything. So, for now, he is my best, and that is one way I test myself. Therefore, who is your best? The best you have access to. Find that person, and make a regular training date. What is the second way? Wait till next week.


Family: The weather is unseasonably nice lately (remember, this was written one month ago in mid-March, when we were breaking records around the Chicago area and most of the Midwest). Nothing huge to report this week, but the simple fact that somehow the nicer weather has given me one more enviroment to enjoy time with my family. I’m very blessed.


Faith: Been focusing more on my character, now that I’ve cleaned some crap out of my life. I’ve been extremely happy lately. Why does that surprise me in the least? When I get in a sin pattern, and feel horrible… why does that surprise me? I’m trying more and more to remember these times, when all I have to do is use common sense. If I do bad, I feel like hell. If I do good, I feel great. Hmmm… Rocket science, I know.