___________ ARE NEVER IN SHORT SUPPLY (Part 1)

by admin on May 30, 2013

We’ve all heard it.  Oil is in short supply.  Jobs are in short supply.  Skilled workers are in short supply. So are qualified teachers, “good” men to date, gold, and the list goes on and on.  However, there will be one thing which will never be in short supply: Excuses.


There will always be a reason NOT to do something.  Did you ever notice there is never a shortage on why we don’t have to do something. We don’t have to exercise because our knee is hurting, we’re tired, the gym parking lot is packed, our gym membership expired, our workout partner blew us off, we don’t have a workout partner, I won’t have time to take a shower, it is too early, it is too late, I don’t know how to workout, it is raining out, I don’t have enough time, I’m too fat, my neck hurts…


The list goes on and on.  Excuses will never be in short supply, not just for workouts, but for doing anything.  We can’t help that stranger beause we’ll be late for work.  I need to spend quality time with my wife, but I have a headache.  Sure, my kids need my attention too, but work is keeping too busy.  Work needs more of my focus, but my family needs me.  I would love to invest and save for my future, but there is no extra money, and if I had some I wouldn’t know where to start.  I need God in my life, but He seem so far away, and I hate going to church because they are all fake.  I want to start writing that book, but my laptop is too slow.  I would love to learn how to cook, but I can’t afford fancy ingreidents or even the extra time it would take to learn something like that.

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