2011 was a bad year… lots of drama.  Then 2012 went very well… lots to celebrate.  2013… let’s just say I’m glad this year is over too.
I usually leave about a month lag time between when I write my posts, and when I actually post them to give myself a little privacy, but this one was posted right after I wrote it.
To be objective, I have to be honest, and say there was a lot of good which went on this last year, but there was also a lot of challenges.  I’m sure if you look at your life these last 12 months, you’ll feel the same way too.

So, here are a couple closing words I have for this year, and maybe some you can mull over too:

1.  Your experience is whatever you focus on.  Over the course of a year, most of us have a mixture of good and bad things happen to us.  I could focus on the facts of my car accident which totaled my car, my son had another surgery, we’ve had a close friend fall back into substance abuse, my 14 year old dog died and my business had me working on average 75 hours a week.

Or I can realize that I was not injured in the head on crash, my son is all healed up, trying to help our friend has brought my wife and I closer, we got to spend awesome time with a great dog all the way up to the end and business is growing.  My point is to find the good, even in the “bad”.

2.  Even if things are “bad”, they really aren’t that bad.  I have to check myself on this on a regular basis.  I’ve had the blessing of traveling to many places around the world.  I’ve seen square miles, upon square miles of slums in Cairo, Egypt, and have also seen poverty across Central America.  Most of those people would literally give a limb to have one of the “bad” years which I experience.

I have a friend who has had a “worse” year than I have had with physical issues, a close family member dying out of the blue, spouse health problems, kids with substance abuse, and many financial challenges.  However, even he is living better than 90% of the world.  Contrast brings gratefulness.

3.  There is always tomorrow.  I still have problems, you still have problems… they are just part of life… but there is always tomorrow.  Maybe that is why I love mornings, and unlike my wife, am a morning person.  I love getting up, and realizing I have an opportunity today to change and improve things.  If you say things like, “Why is this happening to me?” or “… It is just one thing after another…”, you might as well pack it up and hand your life to someone who will seetomorrow as a chance.

Do both you and I have many challenges coming up this year?  Of course we do.  Might we have to still deal with fallout from issues of 2013?  I’m sure of it.  But I would encourage you to see every new day as God’s little gift to you.  Find the good is your challenges, realize you have it better than the vast majority of the world’s population and today you can start thinking and living differently… better…

I couldn’t wait to start 2014, so I’ve already planned out my goals, as my business and personal life have several things to look forward to.  Many of them will be challenging, and some things I’d rather dodge than deal with.  Bills still have to be paid, people still have to be shown compassion when they lash out and our bodies still have to be taken care of with eating better, exercising more and yes, even visiting those doctors (I have my baseline age 40 physical in a couple months).

In conclusion, 2013 was a year I am glad is over, but I was blessed in more ways than I can count… and if you think about it, you’ll find the same.  On the other hand, 2014 will hold so many opportunities, if you forget about what tomorrow brings, I’m sure you’ll miss out on life.  Thanks for reading, I wish you the best and will pray that God will give you the awareness of the promise of what tomorrow brings.


Sifu Matt